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09 Mar Remove Sweat Stain
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It's Summer. We sweat a lot, right! Getting sweat stains in our clothes is quite common. Here's a simple tip to say "Good Bye! to the Sweat Stains & stay Fresh".Remove Sweat Stain:Squeeze some lemon juice and take it up in a Spray bottle.Take the spr..
20 Mar Maintain Cotton Sarees
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A simple thumb rule and easy tips to maintain cotton sarees or cotton fabrics are given below.How to maintain Cotton Sarees:Always Use Mild detergent.Don't Wring it vigorously.Instead hang it over tap to drain off excess water.Always 'starch' to main..
26 Oct Benefits Of Terracotta Cooking pots
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Benefits Of Terracotta Cooking pots:InexpensivepH Balance of foodMaintaince NutritionLess oil / Fat-free mealCirculate Heat & Moisture equallyRetains Heat for a Very long timeYummy Tasty foodNatural,Non-ToxicEnvironment-friendly,bio-degradableAfter 3..
11 Oct Use Diffuser before Bedtime
admin 0 1925
Use Diffuser befor Bedtime;Take few drops of Natural Eucalyptus oil in diffuser and use it in your bedroom,before your bedtime for a better,sound sleep...
11 Oct Eucalyptus Aroma -For a better sleep
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The aroma of pure, natural Eucalyptus aromatherapy essential oil can help you to relax after a long tiring day. It helps to ease pain, prepare you for a better nights sleep...
10 Sep Know the Colour
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Today's Saree colour is Green. Take a look at the meaning of the #colour of #Green. It has a lot to do with our life.Green - Represents Nature, Energy, Freshness, Harmony, Rebirth, Growth.Use Green colour in possible ways to enjoy the following benef..
07 Sep To Relieve Sore Muscles
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Feeling tired in the evening, after a lengthy day or feeling painful after a hard workout. Then follow this simple tip which helps you to ease the pain. Treat the sore muscles in a natural way.To Relieve Sore Muscles:Take 5 -10 drops of  Eucalypts oi..
20 Aug Know Your Skin Tone
admin 0 492
What is your skin tone? Cool or warm?Are You Cool?If you have cool skin tone, you will likely to have the below combinations.Hair colour - Black, dark /medium brown, ash blonde, silver grey, grey & whiteEye colour - dark brown, dark green ,dark hazel..
14 Jul Say Goodbye ! Dandruff
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Say, "Ta-ta / Ba-Bye/Good Bye" to the #Dandruff by following this simple #tip #natural #remedy twice a week. This can be followed for 5-10 times continuously for a permanent relief.Say Goodbye ! Dandruff:Squeeze 10-15 drops of Lemon Juice and mix it ..
16 Jun Eucalyptus Oil for Fever
admin 0 305
Eucalyptus oil - for Fever & Instant Fall in temperature:Take 5-10 drops of Eucalyptus oil & mix it equally with Peppermint oil.Fill this mixture in a spray bottle & spray in over/around the body.Treat Fever with Eucalyptus oil & Peppermint oil - Ins..
18 May Top 10 cotton production countries
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Top cotton-producing countries:The top 10 cotton producing countries in the world are as follows.ChinaIndiaUnited StatesBrazilPakistanUzbekistanTurkeyAustraliaTurkmenistanGreece..
27 Apr Natural Body Coolant
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Natural Body Coolant Eucalyptus oil:Take a Spray Bottle and fill it with natural Eucalyptus oil.Spray it all over the body,for instant drop in the temperature due to hot sun..
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