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About Us

Our Journey:

FeelFresh was launched in the year of 2017. The firm is run “By the Women” and “For the Women”. The firm enrich lives and thrive hard to restore the lost traditional roots. The founders had started the firm with a mission and passion. It came from the forefathers who had an extensive knowledge on Indian herbs. Initially, R&D was done for the period of 5 years, before launching the business. The duo had handcrafted fine, luxury skin care and personal care herbal products. The products were used within the family, relatives and then extended slowly to the close friends when the positive reviews started pouring in. Later, decided to launch the business officially in the year of 2017 after getting loads of positive reviews from everyone. 

The inspiration had come from the family roots of the founders who was much interested in Naturopathy. They believed in green medicine and green beauty products, that doesn’t harm the soil and humans. The formulations and herbal remedies sound simple but provides great results, rather than instant results. The formulations were written and preserved by them is now helpful for healing many common ailments. With the aesthetic holistic approach, the traditional methodology is combined with the modern science practices the firm had handcrafted various beauty and skin care solutions. 500+ formulas are followed in creating various fine, personal, skincare and beauty products. 

The duo had successfully healed women with serious 2nd degree fire burns, diabetic wounds, injuries due to road accidents, people with extreme skin problems like Psoriasis, Eczema, and other skin infections. The pain oil had helped many people to overcome the muscle spasms, sprains. The soaps and personal care products had helped to manage dry, damaged, itchy skins. 

Our Mission:

The market is flooded with the chemical-based products, but the founders started the firm to spread the awareness of magical botanicals and its benefits to the peers. Actually, “Back to our Roots” is our mission. Means in ancient days, our forefathers in each family are doctors, in fact experienced doctors even though many were illiterates. That’s the actual pride of Asia and especially Indians. Behind each and every superstitious belief there remains a scientific. Mother nature had blessed us with the wonderful herbs, to cure all our ailments. Unfortunately, we had forgot our roots and tradition. We totally got lured and forgot our roots.


We started adapting to the chemical-based products. Right from the food we eat and the products we use on our daily life every single thing is having the traces of chemicals which is harmful to us and the mother nature. We’re suffering in many ways because of these toxins. Cosmetics, skin care and personal care products use many toxic chemicals. These toxins get absorbed and leads to many problems like Psoriasis, Eczema, Cancer, etc. Mother nature had blessed us abundantly for a better life. Only we had spoilt the environment for our betterment and now suffering with the climate change, various health ailments, and so on. It's an alarming wake-up call from our mother nature to understand the “Time to change” and evolve back to the nature. Instead of harming our nature, we should start conserving it. For conserving the nature and to save the environment for our future generations we should start the change from now on. We need to be careful in using the products that harm humans and being a threat to the environment.


Sustainable lifestyle is not a big deal unless we make the right choice on our daily life. We help to achieve it by manufacturing and selling the environment-friendly products, natural house cleaning products and quality skincare, personal care products. Support us and together let us present a better living environment for our future generations. Because this is the place, where we live. Let’s let others to live here.

Our Success: 

The raw materials are ethically sourced from the trusted resources around the world. The team formulate it, handcraft and test them in the lab. Only the finest products that performs the best will be introduced as we know your skin better than you. We don’t hide our ingredients, instead we list it out transparently. We’re quality conscious, so our products are made using fine, quality ingredients. Our products are result-oriented; hence the customers will be able to see the notable results from the day 1 onwards. We don’t sell our products in a huge price tag instead they’re affordable and reasonable. We keep changing the formulas based on the seasons, as our skin keeps evolving around the weather too. We also customise the products based on the people’s needs, as we believe no human is same and each one is different. We thrive hard to maintain the quality and hygiene throughout the manufacturing and packing process.

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