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Model: FFWT017
Gift your pre-school and toddlers the beautiful handmade abacus train. The train has wooden beads to learn (abacus) basic mathematics, simple multiplication and addition. Also, has clocks on both the sides to teach the timings. A must have at homes...
Ex Tax:₹349.00
Aeroplane Aeroplane
-29 %
Model: FFWT010
Classic, handmade aeroplane toy, Hand painted with bright colours. Your pretty little pilot will enjoy this small aircraft. The product doesn't have any sharp ends, so it is child-friendly and safe to play and enjoy the ride. As we do not use any harmful chemical synthetic colours and we use only ve..
₹249.00 ₹349.00
Ex Tax:₹249.00
Alphabets Stack
-25 %
Model: FFWT015
Classic, handmade, alphabet stacks. The english alphabets from A to Z has been arranged in 5 different stacks with Smiling Jokers on top. It helps the tiny tots to learn the alphabets and numbers. The toy is painted with bright colours to attract the kids. As it is exclusive for your little bud, we ..
₹449.00 ₹599.00
Ex Tax:₹449.00
Bird Water Whistle
-33 %
Model: FFTCBW001
The bird is made with terracotta clay / earthenware, a non-toxic perfect toy for little ones. Even adults enjoy the soothing sound of the bird, which comes from the whistle. Fill the bird with some water, blow air from the tail / mouth part to enjoy the sound. Perfect for little ones above 2 y..
₹50.00 ₹75.00
Ex Tax:₹50.00
Model: FFWT016
Wooden balancing, dancing joker helps the little kids to understand the concept of Gravity. It doesn't fall down instead it moves, balances and return backs to it's position. It develops the hand-eye coordination and also develops the motor skills when your little one grows up. The colours used are ..
Ex Tax:₹279.00
Model: FFNAPO003
Wonderful dandruff hair oil which works magically. The hair oil moisturise the scalp and nourishes hair from its roots. Either leave it overnight and wash off by morning or apply it before 2 hours of hair wash. Replace this with your regular daily hair oil to see the magic to happen. Prolong use giv..
Ex Tax:₹325.00
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